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Russia Del Sol B.B. Irvine

Russia Del Sol

B.B. Irvine

Published February 28th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Robert Kinross is pulled back into the sort of work he had hoped he was long done with, starting with a brutal ride to the interview and not getting much better once his car is bombed. He is forced to flee Russia via a harrowing border crossing, then make his way with the Russian billionaires half-sister he is escorting to Spain for her wedding.Dogged at every step by a half-brother who gets all if his sister ceases to exist, and a fiance seeking to ingratiate himself with the half-brothers Russian syndicate money, Kinross can only rely on the ultimate betrayl sooner or later.Gritty from the start, its not a very nice world Kinross passes through, but he will keep his charges safe at every turn, or die trying.