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Eucalypt Domestication And Breeding Ken G. Eldridge

Eucalypt Domestication And Breeding

Ken G. Eldridge

Published February 17th 1994
ISBN : 9780198541493
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 About the Book 

Fast-growing eucalypts have long been recognized as useful in helping to meet the demand for wood throughout the warmer parts of the world. Eucalypts are exceptionally versatile and are grown in numerous small woods and windbreaks to produce poles as well as in extensive plantations managed by the pulp and paper industries. This timely book shows how to breed improved eucalypts that will provide more and better wood on appropriate sites selected through sound planning. The author emphasizes making greater use of the immense richness of the genetic resources of the eucalypts, especially in the first or second generation of domesticated wild eucalypts harvested for wood production. The book details aspects of variation, selection, and reproduction that are unique to eucalypts. The author cogently asserts the case that large gains in production and quality can be obtained for relatively little cost by choosing the best geographic seed sources. Once suitable base populations have been assembled, the author argues, well-planned recurrent selection and mating will assure continued long-term genetic gain. This book is essential reading for practicing foresters managing eucalypt plantations and will be of significant interest to planners and administrators in aid agencies.